My Recommended Links Page

On this page I will provide links to several people who I trust enough associate my name with. Some of them are website links, and some of them are dealers of one kind or another. If I didn't trust them implicitly, I would not associate them with this site.

Anybody wishing to be included on my links page, please contact me and we'll talk about it. I will say that it costs nothing, but I have to feel comfortable referring people to you.





Rick's Detecting

Based in Costa Mesa, California, Rick Rolsheim is a great guy. He has been a Minelab Dealer for a long time, as well as an avid Metal Detectorist, Prospector, Rock Hound, and Treasure Hunter. Rick is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding metal detecting and detectors (he will also get you a great deal on your next Minelab Metal Detector)!


Jay Foss @

(989) 739-3294
(800) 739-3562

Jay's site contains a wealth of available knowledge on EVERY aspect of Treasure Hunting, Prospecting, Mining, Etc. Of course, this knowledge is all contained in books for sale. If you have ever looked for Treasure Hunting Books on Ebay, Amazon, or anywhere else online, I highly doubt you have found a single source that carries so many books at reasonable prices.


Floyd Mann @

A great site. A great newsletter, and a really great guy. Floyd has an extensive collection of Treasure Magazines, and has a list of every story, in every state, in every category. He will also cull those stories and send them to you. He has assisted me many times, when I couldn't find information on a certain story because that mag had gone out of business, and couldn't be found anywhere.

HINT: Sign up for his FREE twice-monthly newsletter. You will love it.


Mike "Hawkeye" Pickett @

Mike Pickett is an old timer who is a wealth of knowledge regarding Spanish Monuments and history. He has a monthly column in the Gold Prospectors Association of America's (GPAA) Magazine "Gold Prospectors & Treasure Hunters in the Great Outdoors." Click GPAA to visit the GPAA Website.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ @ Treasurenet Forums Website

This is a great Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Forum that I have been associated with for quite a while. Lots of good knowledge and good people. I recommend it highly.