Hidden Caches

First, let me start off by giving everybody a little advice regarding cache hunting:

Most caches are on PRIVATE PROPERTY. There are some that WERE on private property, that are now Public Lands (State and National Parks, Wilderness Areas, Archaeological Sites, etc.). If your potential cache site is in some remote desert area, it may still be someone's private property. Before you stick your first shovel blade into the ground, I HIGHLY recommend doing a property search to determine who the rightful landowner is. As is the case with digging on other people's mining claims (especially in very rural areas), digging up someone's private property can get you an assload of buckshot! Don't let this be you :

Adolph Ruth SkullAdolph Ruth Skull 2

This is the skull of Adolph Ruth, who was killed while looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine

So, if you are doing your Due Diligence while researching information regarding your particular cache, dig just a little deeper, and find out if your "X" Marks the Spot is on Publicly or Privately Owned Land (it could save you time, legal issues, and possibly your life).


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